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Yes, I realize I’ve already done a Neverland series ~ that was before I knew just how important Second Life’s Neverland really is.

Within just a few weeks after Michael Joe Jackson took a trip to Heaven, Michael Jackson Follet quietly stepped up to the plate for fans the world over to create an exact replica of Neverland in Second Life; a place where all are welcome to remember the King, listen to his music, and drink in the atmosphere of love, kindness and fun.

This isn’t just an amusement park; it’s the place where Love lives.

Michael Jackson Follet walks his talk. He chose to take up the torch and tirelessly carry on the Message of Love that Michael Joe Jackson spent his entire life trying to reach and heal an ailing world with.

To that end, every L$ donated at Neverland (and every donation given at his in-world concerts) goes straight to hungry, homeless and abandoned children around the world.

You aren’t just tossing in a few Linden dollars for nothing; you’re feeding a real, live, flesh and blood child as though you were there in person, feeding them with your own hands.

Not relying solely on donations, he pours everything he is and has into this important Labor of Love. He travels the globe to visit those in need, ensuring they know they’re loved, they’re safe and their needs are met.

Tell me – who spends their Christmas taking up the back-breaking work of digging wells in inhospitable conditions, so those in desperate need will have easy access to clean water?

Who sees something like that as “the best Christmas ever”? (direct quote).

Who walks their talk silently, without blowing their own horn or needing attention and praise for it?

Michael Jackson Follet, that’s who.

Heal the world, indeed. One person at a time.

Let it not fall on the shoulders of just one; may we all follow suit as best we can – because no matter who we are or where we live, we’re all family and only Love can heal the world.

*Clarification: We Are Haiti donations go directly to the children of Haiti, while the Wishing Well covers extras for them, like Easter, Christmas and aiding in the completion of the Saint Damien Hospital (completed).

All other efforts mentioned are solely paid for by MJ Follet, his crew, dancers, supporters and dear friends, without whom it would be impossible for him to assist in other parts of the world so desperately in need of help.

Finally, what more beautiful gift for MJ Follet than this:

Train to Neverland departing now ~ See you there!



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  1. Thank you chickadee! It is a beautiful place, lovingly re-created by a beautiful soul (don’t tell him that – he’s desperately shy and will see it as an “ego shower” – his words, not mine).

    Honestly, everyone involved means there’s truck loads of beautiful souls helping him to keep spreading the Love across a hurting world ♥


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